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Coming Soon: BB Cream for Breakouts

By Klaudia Tirico / April 23, 2014

We’ve been told to avoid heavy foundations when suffering from acne, simply because they can make breakouts worse. But come June, Maybelline's upcoming launch will change the way you treat your pimples. In fact, we’re not sure how we’ve lived without their new BB cream for blemishes for so long. 

The new Dream Pure BB ($8.99) is made with two-percent salicylic acid, the highest percentage of the acne-fighting ingredient approved for over-the-counter treatments. Not only does this BB give you full-blown, matte coverage, it treats your acne while you wear it. The creamy, lightweight formula glides on effortlessly to hide all imperfections, minimize the look of pores and reduce redness, all while hydrating and smoothing the skin. The best part? It leaves a perfectly natural finish and lets your natural glow shine through without turning into a greasy mess by mid-day. 

Dream Pure BB, available in five skin-perfecting hues, hits stores this June.