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Michael Kors 30th Anniversary Collection - NYFW Fall 2011

By Kaitlyn Dreyling / February 17, 2011

The Michael Kors line turned 30 this season, and the beauty look was all about simple beauty that's not too finished.

Makeup: Dick Page for Shiseido

"It's Micheal's 30th Anniversary, and he keeps telling me to tell everyone he started designing when he was 12," Dick said with a laugh. "He's not doing his greatest hits collection, but he's referencing himself a little bit in the show, so the thing we wanted to do was to make sure that the girls don't get in the way of the clothes." The look is very neutral with a little pencil in the brows, a sable shade on the eyes, a touch of brown eye liner, a little mascara and a beigey-coral lipstick. "It's super simple, they kind of go with every outfit."

Hair: Orlando Pita

Photos by Mat Szwajkos

The hair look was a relaxed updo that has me inspired to literally just tie a big knot in my hair. "The inspiration for the look today kind of started out with the 90s," Orlando said. "It was kind of the first time when no hair and make became fashionable - they called grunge or heroin chic. I think the fashion world wasn't ready for no hair and makeup and they called the worst thing ever, so we're inspired by that." The hair look definitely wasn't the wost thing ever. He used Nakano Dry Wax to create texture and literally tied the hair in a messy knot and pinned the hair. "We're leaving the hair very undone, so there's some hair on the face for short haired girls and if it's long, we're just tying it in a knot."