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Molly Sims Says On-Set Lights Fight Fatigue

By Polly Blitzer / March 4, 2013

Photos: Getty Images

We've all been there. Bad lighting or an unkind flash makes you look a decade older and hopelessly sleep-deprived. After years of finessing her on-set poses, Molly Sims found a way to avoid unflattering photos - and fake a rested look. As a fellow new mom, I can appreciate her sage advice.

Molly's secret to looking rest and refreshed in photos? Fool the lighting. "I’ve learned that before snapping a photo, I should step away from overhead lights to avoid shadows on the face," Molly says.

Molly's other tips:

"I start the day off with a green juice in the morning.  It keeps me energized and does wonders for my complexion. For great circulation and even tone skin, I recommend exfoliating your face, body and even your lips. It can leave you looking good and feeling radiant in no time.
And to tame stress, I use regular breathing exercises to help keep me calm and centered."

As a spokesperson for Pond's, Molly has developed a thing for Pond's Luminous Moisture Day Lotion with SPF 15 to brighten dull skin. This new day lotion is enriched with illuminating minerals, and the weightless SPF 15 formula contains UVA and UVB sun protection against skin-damaging rays. 


To give readers a chance to capture a radiant (as opposed to ravaged!) moment, Pond's is hosting a 30-Day Luminous Photo Challenge from March 4th to April 2nd. It will feature a 30-day photo sweepstakes with daily challenges to inspire women to share photos of their happiest, most radiant moments.  Thirty prizes will be awarded. To participate, upload pictures to the Pond's Facebook page or share via Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #LuminousEffect.