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A New “Male Polish” for Surfer Dudes

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / January 29, 2015

If guys can pull off man buns and ear concealer, why not nail polish? That’s the thinking behind a new “male varnish” by manicure brand NCLA, who collaborated with skatewear company HUF on a limited-edition lacquer that launches today. But make no mistake: this isn’t your usual girly Ballet Slippers. The black nail polish is named Craig’s Black Lust in honor of pro surfer and HUF team member Craig Anderson, who has been known to sport polish on his own digits — all the better to complement his ombré beach waves that give him a scruffy Jared Leto vibe.

I Googled “Craig Anderson nail polish” and this came up. Time for a touchup, brah! Photo: via Surfline
If this polish catches on the way HUF’s ubiquitous pot socks have, then don’t be surprised to see skater and surfer dudes at the mani station next to yours. 
NCLA for HUF Craig’s Black Lust nail lacquer is available for $18 at shopncla.com