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Napoleon Perdis Teaches Us the Tricks to a Perfect Red Lip

By Kaitlyn Dreyling / August 1, 2011

Spring and summer were all about bold bright lips that ranged from hot pink to an electric shade of orange. But Napolean Perdis is paying homage to the original bold lip - red lipstick. His Better Off Red Lip Collection is made up of seven to-die-for variations of the classic red lip. Napoleon gave us the scoop on why you need to find your perfect crimson shade, and how you really can pull of a glam pout.

 Napoleon Perdis Better Off Red Collection (from left to right): Front Row Red Lip Gloss ($25), Lady in Red Lip Gloss ($25), Under Cover Red Lip Gloss ($25), Double Agent Rouge Lip Palette ($22), Devine Goddess Lipstick in Xenia ($22).

Why did you want to devote a whole collection to red lips?
Red really does have the power to change a woman's look, mood, and style statement and the new Better Off Red collection is a celebration of that – and my belief is that all women can wear red. It's simply a matter of choosing the right shade and texture for you and allowing your eye to adjust (I always advise wearing a new shade for at least 12 minutes) before you make your final decision.

It's a classic look, but does it seem more relevant now than a few seasons ago?
Without a doubt. Red is definitely having more than a moment - it's timeless and alpha feminine. A great red freshens up the face, adds an instant hit of glamour and brightens the teeth.

What do you think is the best way to mix and match your collection?
Try taking one shade and mixing it with another, or with a different texture for a truly customized effect. I love to layer Undercover Red over Front Row Red to create even more shine.

What's the trick to finding the right red for you?
Base it on your complexion. If you're fair, go for a crimson shade with blue undertones. If your skin is olive, try a scarlet red with a pink base. For dark-complexions, wear a cranberry red. One shade that's always a universal winner is a blue-based red like DeVine Goddess Lipstick in Aphrodite.

Are there tricks to wearing a red lip on thin lips or more plump lips?
If you have thin lips go for something sheer like Undercover Red Lip Gloss rather than a full-bodied red. And for more plump lips, go for a long-wearing lipstick like Front Row Red. Always line before and after application to keep the color in place and avoid having it end up on your chin! If you're a little timid about wearing red, try my 12 minute rule. Wear it for 12 minutes before you make the final call so you can allow your eyes time to adjust. If you don't like it, swipe it off. It's
only makeup, after all.

I've never seen something like the Double Agent Rouge Palette. What's the concept behind it, and how does it work?
With the Double Agent Rouge Lip Palette, I really wanted to go above and beyond red lipstick in a tube and create something that delivers a luxurious, matte red finish every time. I was inspired by vintage lip palettes and the ritual of application. As a working makeup artist, one of my favorite tricks to perfect that marvelous matte texture is to set the color with a matte powder. You get that unforgettable rich, creamy color with the poured lipstick and then a stunning matte texture with the lip finish powder. Apply the lipstick with a lip brush, and then gently pat and smooth the powder over the lipstick base. You don't have to take the powder all the way to the lip line. Just a little will go a long way to create a very matte red lip.

What are your favorite application tips for a red lip?
Always, always start with a lip primer or conditioner for a super-smooth application - especially if you're prone to dry lips. Apply color with a lip brush. You get a more even application and can be more precise. Place a generous amount of color onto your lip brush starting in the middle and work it all way into the corners. Then try my trick and line lips last with a pencil to enhance your natural lip shape and to keep that color in place. And for the rest of your look, flawless skin and a couple coats of mascara are really all you need!