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Nivea Partners with Rebecca Minkoff for "Style, Uncapped" Campaign

By Klaudia Tirico / June 25, 2013

We love a great accessory. Whether it's a fabulous statement necklace or a bold red lip, a fun accessory that represents your unique personality and style allows you to shine even on the dullest of days. Until recently, we never would have thought that our lip balm would fit in the same category as a pair of earrings or a headband, but thanks to Nivea's new "Style, Uncapped" campaign, we're officially taking our balms from the bottom of our handbags and displaying them for all to see.

"Style, Uncapped" is a lip care design campaign that allows you to design your own Nivea lip balm cap and turn a boring lip product into a statement accessory. Nivea wants you to channel your inner creative spirit with their large variety of symbols, patterns and themes (there are over 400 to choose from!). Through StyleUncapped.com, customers can create and personalize as many caps as they want and buy them to share with their friends. We smell a great wedding, bridal or baby shower gift idea here!

To help kick off the launch, Nivea has teamed up with Rebecca Minkoff, who also created her own cap (inspired by a print from her own collection) that will be available for purchase, too!

"I'm thrilled to be partnering with Nivea," said the designer. "Like the brand, I appreciate and encourage self-expression. With this first of its kind program, we will give everyone in America the opportunity to make their lip cap their best accessory - and I know all too well about the importance of a great accessory."

The campaign kicks off on Thursday, June 27th so make sure you check out StyleUncapped.com and get creative! Once your design is complete, you will have it shipped directly to you (with your choice of lip balm) in just two weeks! Buy one to four caps for $6 each, five to 20 for $5 each or 20+ at just $4!

Happy designing!