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This Co-Wash is the New No-Poo (But Better)

By Klaudia Tirico / March 17, 2014

If you ask me, this “no-poo” frenzy is a little extreme. I don’t doubt that washing your hair less frequently has its benefits, but with all of the amazing haircare brands out there, I find it hard to believe that someone can’t find a shampoo that works for them. Especially since there are so many sulfate-free formulas – drugstore and high-end – that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. For example, this Ojon Rare Blend Moisture-Rich Cleansing Conditioner, a new kind of “no-poo” that doesn’t require rinsing your strands in vinegar. 
Think of the Cleansing Conditioner, a.k.a. co-wash, as your hair cleanser in between shampoos (it can even replace them). The low-lather, coconut-derived cleanser works to eliminate sebum and conditions strands without drying out the scalp. It’s blended with a variety of restorative oils like Tahitian Monoi oil, marula oil and, of course, pure Ojon oil. 
I was treated to a co-wash and blow out at the launch event for the Cleansing Conditioner. I showed up with the dirtiest hair ever (it still looked good; I wore a cute headband), not knowing that I wasn’t getting a "real" shampoo. “Guess I’ll have to just wash my hair again tonight,” I thought to myself. Little did I know just how wrong I was. 
I walked out of that salon with my ideal hair – clean that doesn’t feel too clean. You see, I hate when my hair is so fresh after a wash that it has no grip and falls way too flat for my liking. I have to layer on products just to get the “dirtier” feel that I want. Not with this baby. My hair was super soft and nourished, but it had the kind of texture that only cool girls wake up with. Could it be? Am I officially a cool girl who doesn’t wash her hair and still looks awesome? Did Hell freeze over? 
Ojon Rare Blend Moisture-Rich Cleansing Conditioner will available at Origins retail stores, Ulta and Ojon.com for $27 this April. Happy co-washing!