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Pixelated Hair Color Lets You Look Like a Computer Animation

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / February 2, 2015

An image from Revlon Professional's new campaign.

Last night, Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show featured real-life dancers whose geometric silver suits made them look like computer-animated chess pieces. Because real-fake is totally the new fake-real..or something. But hey, if you, too are up for looking like a virtual 3D model of a person IRL, let us turn your attention to the strange new color “trend” that is pixelated hair.
The pixelated look involves coloring small, square chunks of hair in a range of similar colors to create a patterned effect. A salon called X-Presion in Spain has been pixelating its clients since last spring, and Revlon Professional is featuring the look in a campaign for its Neon collection (which you can see in this Tron-like video). The results are pretty cool, though definitely high maintenance (get ready to become BFFs with your flat iron). 
While we don’t see pixelated color becoming the next ombré, it might be just the thing for hair color addicts who are already over pastels and unicorn hair.