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A Pro Tan at Home

By Klaudia Tirico / February 1, 2011


I've worked at a tanning salon for 10 years so I've seen my share of tanning beds and self-tanners. Although faking the bake has its ups (pretty golden glow) and downs (Hello, Snooki), the best kind of tan is a healthy one.

Airbrush tanning has become a popular method for getting a golden glow without lying under a UV bulb not to mention a great way to avoid increasing your risk of skin cancer and photoaging. An airbrush tan from a salon can cost you about $30-$50 and will last about five to seven days, but Luminess has created the first at-home tanning kit designed to offer professional, high-end results so you can look like a bronzed goddess whenever you want.

The kit comes fully equipped with a compressor, airbrush stylus pen, solution and an AC power adapter. I also really love the black patent travel bag. At first, I was a little skeptical when I opened my kit because there were some parts I had to put together. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the assembly process was.

After showering and exfoliating (a must before any self-tanning procedure), I gave it a go, referring to instructions from the included DVD. The stylus pen is the perfect size and so easy to use, I had no problem airbrushing on my own. I simply stood in front of the mirror and pulled the trigger, allowing a light mist of air and solution to cover my face and chest. I saw the color automatically and it literally dried in a heartbeat. No other airbrush tan dries that quickly!

The color was beautiful and I didn't have a single streak the next day. I, also, did not resemble Snookie in any way! Luminess Tan is definitely the go-to airbrush tanning system to give you the perfect tan in less than 30 minutes. You can buy the entire kit for $149 at luminessair.com.