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Okay, Maybe Rihanna Can’t Pull Off Every Hairstyle

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / December 19, 2014

Photo: Getty Images

Chartreuse hair? Crystal headscarves? Squared off French manicures? Rihanna can basically pull off any crazy beauty statement that would earn the mere mortals among us a psychiatric evaluation. Or so we thought, until we saw her latest look. The singer partied at a Paris club last night wearing what looked to be a silver astronaut suit and dishwashing gloves, but it was her blunt-cut baby bangs that left us feeling confused. She paired the unflattering fringe with long extensions styled in a high ponytail with the sides left hanging loose. What, a hairstyle exists that doesn’t look good on RiRi? Apparently it’s possible. Cool brown lipstick, though.