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Rihanna Wigs Out in a Pepto Pink Pixie

By Klaudia Tirico / May 16, 2014

We’re still constantly checking our Instagram feeds to see if the social media platform has allowed @BadGalRiRi to reactivate her account, but no dice. (Come on, Instagram! We’re sure she’s learned her lesson and will not post pictures of her nips anymore.) So when we see a shot of Rihanna in our feeds, we get just a tad bit excited. Yesterday, her hairstylist Yusef Williams posted a selfie of RiRi rocking a Pepto pixie cut and made us want to run out and buy a jar of pink Manic Panic immediately. 

Photo: Getty 

We weren’t sure if the dye job was real or if it was simply just a wig, until Rihanna took to her Twitter to clarify that it was indeed faux. But that didn’t stop her from going all out and matching her kitty claws and bag to her new ‘do at the LA Clippers game last night. 
What do you think of Rih’s look?