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Did Scarlett Johansson Just Pull Off This Runway Hairstyle?

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / December 2, 2014

The resurgence of wet-look hair on the runways in recent seasons makes beauty editors like us cringe. Do we dare report that gel-heavy locks are a “major spring trend” when we know that no woman in her right mind would step out of the house looking so intensely greasy? Who has ever successfully pulled off this look in real life?
Well, Scarlett Johansson, actually. The newly married-in-secret actress showed up at last night’s Gotham Independent Film Awards with a super slick ‘do that no doubt required half a bottle of hair gel to accomplish. And paired with her short black dress and vaguely ‘90s-grunge smoky eye, it sort of…worked. Frankly, it’s so easy for ScarJo to revert to her signature bombshell look that we find it refreshing to see her channeling a more edgy, androgynous vibe. We’re officially reconsidering our stance on shellac.
Photo: Getty Images