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Selfie Olympics Ideas for the Beauty Obsessed

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / January 7, 2014

You’ve seen this whole #selfieolympics meme, right? Basically, people on Instagram and Twitter are trying to achieve the most epic, ridiculous, gold medal-status selfies ever taken. The only rule is that you have to take the photo in a mirror, preferably in a bathroom. So far people have used props to create realistic jungle settings, eaten soup out of a sink, contorted themselves into dangerous-looking positions (the selfie gymnastics competition?), and, because it’s the internet, lots of them have gotten naked. 
But since our little corner of social media tends to be more interested in swatching lip colors than stripping down, we figured we’d brainstorm some ideas for the ultimate #selfieolympics photo for those who worship at the temple of Sephora. Now, who will accept the challenge?
  • Take a selfie holding up all three Naked palettes while wearing every single shade at once. (Bonus points: post a 47-step tutorial on YouTube.)
  • For the multitasker: paint your toenails while wearing a mud mask while sitting in lotus position while breastfeeding a newborn and shaving your legs as you sip a green smoothie through a bendy straw.
  • Hold ALL the Chanel.
  • Combine as many runway looks from the spring 2014 season as you can. Dior's gold eyebrows + Marc Jacob’s chopped shag wigs + Louis Vuitton’s ostrich feather headdresses + Prada’s blue eye shadow + Rag & Bone’s orange lips...
  • For #ManiMonday: Paint 10 tiny Sistine Chapel replica frescoes on each of your nails.
Nevermind. We have a winner.