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Sephora’s New Social Platform Lets You Shop for Makeup Via Selfies

By Klaudia Tirico / March 20, 2014

Ever wish you knew exactly which products were used in all the pretty makeup photos on your Pinterest beauty board? Instead, you click on the image hoping to find a legitimate how-to with links to shop the look on the other end – and there isn’t one. We’ve all been there. That’s why we’re super stoked about Sephora’s new social shopping destination, Beauty Board. If Pinterest and Instagram had offspring, this would be it, guys. 
The newly launched platform allows users to post photos of themselves and tag the products they used. Each product is then displayed to the right of the photo, where customers can click to buy it on sephora.com instantly. Users can even include tips and tricks on how to get their looks and filter through categories to make finding what they want quick and easy. 

Beauty Board will be accessible on desktops and mobile devices, so users can upload their selfies and hauls as soon as they land on Instagram. Check it out here and get makeup inspiration at your fingertips whenever you wish! Our founder, Polly, is already on board (pun intended).