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Beautifying Chocolate? Yes, This is Real Life.

By Klaudia Tirico / January 29, 2014

Chocolate lovers rejoice! There's a sweet delicacy out there that promotes skin, hair and nail health. It's rich in flavor, comes in yummy orange and peppermint varieties, and is packed with good-for-you ingredients. Drooling yet? 
When the geniuses at Sibu Beauty, known for their Himalayan sea buckthorn berry-infused and omega-7-rich skincare products, sent over a box of their Omega-7 Chocolates ($25), we couldn't believe such tasty truffles could actually make our skin, hair and nails look better. Obviously, they didn't last very long in our office — they're that good. 
Each individually wrapped, Belgian liquor chocolate is blended with 250 mg of omega-7-rich sea buckthorn oil. The essential fatty acid is a key source of collagen production, which means every bite of the delicious treat promotes oxidative damage protection, rejuvenated and plump skin, sun damage repair and an overall prettier you. (Read more about the benefits of omega-7 here.) 
If there was anything that could justify a chocolate binge, it's a box of these orange-flavored milk chocolate truffles and mint-flavored dark chocolates. Psst! Valentine's Day is just around the corner.