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Beauty Daredevil: Fresh Breath, Naturally?

By Jane Kirby / May 14, 2012

In our Beauty Daredevil series, we convince an intrepid reporter to try an experiment that we're too chicken to test ourselves. In this installment, contributor Jane Kirby gets fresh with us. 

Herbs seem to have all kinds of magical properties and promises. Most people know that chewing on sprigs of parsley and mint can improve and freshen your breath, but did you know these plants are also packed with vitamins and antioxidants? Since I'm a constant gum chewer and am trying to break the habit, I thought I would try Mother Nature's alternative.

This is a fun and easy herbal remedy for a fresh-feeling mouth. First wash the herbs in cold water, and pat dry with a paper towel. Let the herbs dry so they don’t get soggy. Keep them refrigerated in an airtight Ziploc bag with a sheet of paper towel until you’re ready to use. 

Parsley and mint: Mother Nature's breath fresheners. Photos by: Jane Kirby

For a day I walked around NYC with two separate Ziploc baggies, one filled with fresh mint and the other with fresh parsley. Throughout the day I pulled some out some sprigs, and chewed voraciously. At first, I was a little self conscious, as some people seemed curious as to what sort of green stuff was I had in a Ziploc baggie. In the end, strangers didn’t comment on my healthy new breath freshener.   

Jane takes her herbs to the streets of NYC. Photo by: John Patterson

One occupational hazard of this DIY beauty dare was having the inevitable bits of parsley and mint stuck in your teeth. Besides that, this felt like a great alternative to chewing gum. It takes more preparation than tearing open a pack of Wrigley's, but is healthier for you, and more refreshing.

Photo by: John Patterson