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Prime Time: Flawless Skin for Fall 2012

By Beauty Blitz / August 27, 2012


Photo: Getty Images

As we transition our look from summer to fall, we trade in our lip glazes for this autumn's oxblood lipsticks. And those strappy leather sandals? Dust off the sand and pack them away. Time to pick up a pair or two of structured pumps. Our skincare regimen also requires a few swaps. After all, we need to repair sun damage, camouflage uneven texture and smooth gaping pores. And if you want to dress the part this fall, you need the flawless visage to match. 
Backstage before fall 2012 designer collections, nearly every makeup artist relied on primers to create the illusion of flawless skin. (Yes, models gets blemishes, too.) 
Five Reasons to Love Primer
  1. Enhance your makeup. By creating a smooth surface, a primer prevent pigment streaks and splotches. 
  2. Absorb oil. Some primers are made with polymers designed to soak up excess sebum so you won't get shiny or that "muddy" look when facial oil interacts with makeup.
  3. Hide large pores. This time of the year, even typically tight pores can look stretched out from a summertime of secretion. Primers smooth over pores, creating a silky, even layer.
  4. Diminish wrinkles. Primers perform like spackle, filling in minor grooves and lines with a blend of silicones.
  5. Correct - don't hide - skintone. Some primers are tinted to offset discoloration.You can apply a translucent layer of correction without hiding natural-looking things like birthmarks or freckles. Smooth a drop of green primer over ruddy skin or try a purple-toned primer to brighten sallow skin.
To apply a primer evenly, smooth a pea-size drop over different sections of your face using a damp cosmetics sponge or your fingertips. You can wear primers on bare or hydrated skin. And either top with makeup or wear alone.

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