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The Spa at Trump Soho Wants to Give You Jewels on Your Birthday (Sort Of)

By Klaudia Tirico / May 8, 2013

Go shawty, it's your birthday! So why not celebrate it with diamonds, rubies and sapphires? The Spa at Trump Soho New York just introduced a new Birthstone Massage promotion so you can spend your birthday in the most glamourous way possible - covered in jewels! (Well, not literally. But close!)

If you visit the spa on your birthday for one of Trump's Signature Gemstone Spa Treatments, which feature gem-infused oils, rare flowers and herbal essences, you will receive a special age-based discount on your treatment. That means, if you're turning 30 years old, you get $30 off your treatment. Cool, right? The Gemstone Spa Treatments include the Balancing Diamonds Massage, Purifying Emeralds Massage, Revitalizing Rubies Massage and Calming Sapphires Massage.

The 90-minute Birthstone massages are $295 on weekdays and $325 on weekends. To book your birthday treatment, call 212-842-5505 or email sohospa@trumphotels.com.