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Chunky Highlights Are Back, Just Like Everything Else from the ‘90s

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / February 27, 2015

If you’re looking for the perfect hair statement to pair with those chunky soled boots that Alexander Wang showed for fall, look no further. The style of highlights known as “chunking” is back from the ‘90s and having a moment. Also called splay highlights, the stripy look can be seen currently on everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gigi Hadid.

J.Lo and Gigi Hadid make splay highlights look modern. Photo: Getty Images

Chunky highlights are basically the anti-ombré — they aren’t meant to look like the hair’s been naturally sunkissed, but rather to give a more deliberate effect.
According to Kitty Nadel, Color Director for Ted Gibson Beauty, “The nice thing about this trend is that it can be as dramatic as the client wants.” 

A photo posted by Kitty Greller (@kittycolorist) on



A photo from Ted Gibson Beauty's spring 2015 shoot.

“For more of a runway, editorial look you can do two wide highlights and make them a trending color such as violet or gray, without any other highlights throughout,” she says. 
“For more of an everyday, user-friendly look you can add more ombré to the bottom which will soften the harsh lines from the top. You can also shadow the root as well so the chunks appear softer.”
And if stripes aren’t your thing? There’s always pixel hair.