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3 Gifts Your Beauty-Obsessed Friend Doesn’t Have Yet

By Klaudia Tirico / December 3, 2014
There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find the perfect gift for a beauty fanatic who has everything. You know, the one who purchased all of the gorgeous holiday makeup collections before anyone else could get them for her. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend a beauty gadget, because I just don’t believe in light-therapy facial devices or pulsating anti-aging Robocop masks. But these three techy beauty finds are sure to be a hit for that makeup-obsessed friend that just doesn’t need another eyeshadow palette or lipstick coffret in her arsenal. 

1. Bluetooth Mirror 
This is the perfect gift for the ultimate girly-girl. Because who doesn’t listen to music and gossip on the phone while they get ready? This mirror has got it all: a built-in FM radio, bluetooth technology so you can stream music or talk on the phone, 36 LED bulbs for perfect illumination and 10 times magnification. The clean design will look super sleek on any vanity or desktop. Plus, she'll never have to fight for mirror-time with her S.O. ever again. 
Danielle Creations LED Bluetooth Music & Phone Mirror, $150 at Nordstrom

2. Posture & Activity Coach 
Help him or her kickstart the New Year with a healthy lifestyle change using this stylish activity and posture coach. Unlike rubber fitness tracker bands that totally clash with your arm party, the Lumo Lift features a magnet clasp that attaches to your clothes. But it doesn’t just track your steps, this unique device also has a posture alert that vibrates when you start slouching. You can even dress them up with these Swarovski crystal adorned clasps for a fancy affair.  
Lumo Lift Posture & Activity Coach, $99.99 + Limited Edition Crystal Jewelry Clasps, $29 at lumobodytech.com

3. Makeup Tutorial Box Set 
Aspiring makeup artists are going to die over this gift box filled with Charlotte Tilbury’s cult products. When you open the box, you’ll find that the lid holds a small screen that plays a video in which the makeup artist herself shows you how to create her famous Supermodel look. Genius! 
Charlotte Tilbury “The Supermodel” Genius Tutorial Video Box, $290 at Nordstrom