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Texting Can Cause 'Turkey Neck?' #WhoKnew?

By Klaudia Tirico / March 27, 2013

Put down that phone (unless you're reading this article on it)! Apparently you can get a nasty case of "smart phone neck" from texting too much. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, if you're constantly looking down on your phone, you're more prone to getting wrinkles and crepey skin on the neck.

“Wrinkles and crepey skin on the neck are very common. Some are even arguing that consistent texting and web browsing on your cellphone can contribute to these issues," said Texas Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Kratschmer. "That constant looking down posture leads to a scrunched up neck.”  

Because a double chin is not a cute look, try holding your phone up higher while you text and getting neck facials from time to time. Stimulating the area will keep blood flowing and the skin plump. Or you can always try this. (Kidding!)