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Can’t Tan, Won’t Tan: This Convincing Body Bronzer Lets You Fake It

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / May 26, 2015

I gave up on trying to tan years ago, seeing as I’m more prone to sunburn and freckles than a golden glow (also: skin cancer). But I still get self-conscious about my ultra white legs when I have to put on a cocktail dress for an outdoor wedding or wear shorts to a barbecue — I look even paler in direct sunlight. Self-tanner requires too much planning and inevitably smells funky (some worse than others), and I’d always considered “leg makeup” the domain of Dancing with the Stars contestants and pageant queens.
The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist ($25) is neither of these things. It is fantastic. Unlike a body foundation that sits on top of skin, it’s a matte tinted gel that soaks in to leave legs with subtle, sheer color. Because its formula has zero sparkles and an ever-so-slight reddish tint (like real tanned skin) it looks completely natural and works with your skin tone. And unlike self-tanners, it washes off — so no tinted palms or unfixable mistakes — but it doesn’t transfer onto clothes or furniture. Go ahead, sit on that white couch. 
I also love that it’s not an oil, because who wants to feel greasy when it’s hot and humid outside? This gel looks and feels like you’re wearing nothing. Which now you can, and should. I don’t know about you, but I’m about to get a whole lot more mileage out of my shorts collection this year.