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There's a Ticket Machine in Moscow That Only Accepts Exercise

By Klaudia Tirico / November 12, 2013


The subway has become home to some out-of-this-world technology, lately. First, L'Oreal debuted an intelligent vending experience at the Bryant Park subway station in NYC. Now, Moscow is getting in on the trend. 

In honor of the 2014 Olympic Games, the Moscow subway station is giving away free tickets for rides. Well, sort of. Instead of having to pay, these high-tech machines ask you to perform a set of squats or lunges. Seriously! By the looks of it, you stand just a few feet away from it and the machine uses sensors to monitor the amount of squats you're doing. Once you've completed your work out (30 squats to be exact), it spits out a free ticket. Cool, right? Check out the video here

We love this new way of getting people to exercise. Now if only we can convince our favorite designers to offer their clothing and accessories in exchange for a few sit ups - we'd be skinny and stylish. Sigh...