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Rock the Beauty Vote: 5 Beauty Bloggers, 5 Healthy Skin Regimens

By Polly Blitzer / December 11, 2012

Photo: Mat Szwajkos for Beauty Blitz

Tackling various skincare obstacles is never easy, and as you know, I've had my fair share this year: twin pregnancy, stretchy itchy skin, sore feet, hormonal pigmentation issues, hot flashes, the works! But thankfully, Eucerin invited me to take their Healthy Skin Challenge, which gave me the opportunity to switch up my regimen to products that could address each of these new issues.
Now that the challenge is complete, all five beauty bloggers who were asked to participate shared their epidermal voyage in video form. And you can vote for your favorite. Visit the Eucerin Healthy SKin Challenge site to meet the bloggers, including moi, and learn more about the awards.
One of the main things I took away from this experience, aside from a love of Eucein products (I'm currently operating under the influence of four!), is the importance of treating skincare like healthcare. It's not safe to think of skin only as somrething to decorate (with makeup, shimmer and scents). I pledged to put the health of my skin first - and committed to passing this message to my twin baby sons, who have a (hopefully very long, knock on wood) lifetime of skin upkeep ahead of them. 
But wait. . .
There's something in it for you, too. You didn't think we'd participate in a contest without making sure the S.R.O.E. (Smartest Readers On Earth) got a little something, too, did you? Each week, one lucky voter will win a Eucerin Gift Basket or Spa Gift Card, both valued at $150. The voting will be live today through December 31st. The blogger with the most votes will win a trip to Germany. The winner will be announced in the beginning of January.