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What’s In My Bag: Smith & Cult’s Dineh Mohajer

By Klaudia Tirico / July 13, 2015

Twelve tubes of lipstick? Poetry scribbled on Sephora receipts? Keys to a Harley? You can tell a lot about a person by the contents of her bag. In our What’s in My Bag series, we ask style insiders to spill the contents of their purses in hopes of finding a few gems.

The Subject 

Dineh Mohajer is no beauty industry rookie. Her career started in her college apartment, where she created her own line of nail polish dubbed Hard Candy. We’re sure you’ve heard of it. After selling the brand in 1999, Mohajer returned to her roots in 2014 with Smith & Cult, a line of luxe nail polish that quickly became a cult favorite among beauty junkies. 
The newest launch from Smith & Cult is a wide range of high-shine lip glosses which Mohajer named The Shining Lip Lacquers (yes, after the movie). The line features an innovative, non-sticky formula that delivers major shine while plumping and hydrating your pout. Each of the eight hues has its own unique story inspired by Mohajer’s most memorable moments in life. And, of course, the packaging is on point, with luxe gold caps and soft doe-foot applicators. 
We’ve already picked Mohajer’s brain about all things nails. Now, we’re digging inside her bag to see what she totes around on a regular basis. 


The Bag

“I am in love with my MA+ (Maurizio Amadei) accordion bag [1]. Each bag is a one of a kind, handmade, piece-ish of art. It’s constructed from one large piece of leather and his attention to detail is impeccable.”

What’s Inside 

“I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to SPF due to my not-uncommon fear of aging, so my La Roche Posay Anthelios tinted crème with SPF [2] has a permanent home in my handbag. I always have a purse-size Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray [3] to add some life to my tresses. The Shining Lip lacquer is imperative and Smith & Cult’s The Warning [4] is the perfect cardinal hue – it’s kind of crazy how a slight pop of red can instantaneously brighten my face.”
“My OCD kicks into high gear pretty much anytime I leave the house (I may or may not suffer from agoraphobia – yet to be determined). I always keep an Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray [5] within arm’s reach. It smells so heavenly that it doubles as a fragrance (smells like the beach).”

The Quirky and Unexpected 

“Confession: despite the fact my entire career (and life really) has been based on nail lacquer, I rarely have my nails done. I guess it’s like the cliché old saying: a shoemaker has no shoes. My sneaky solution for this is keeping Smith & Cult’s Shattered Souls [6], a blend of chunky and fine gold glitter, in my bag. It’s so easy to haphazardly apply (unlike a bright hue that would require remaining in the lines) and it always garners praise. The glimmering little particles help disguise any chips or imperfections.”