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Would You Try Netflix For Nail Polish?

By Beauty Blitz / December 2, 2012

Would you pay to use a stranger's already opened beauty products? A new service that's billing itself as Netflix for nail polish is betting someone will. And with a waitlist thousands of names long, it's starting to look like a pretty smart idea.
Meet Lacquerous, a new subscription service that ships you three luxury nail polishes a month for a flat fee. At $18 a month, it's cheaper than buying a single bottle of Particulière ($26). The only catch? You have to share the same circulating bottles with other members.
The company compares the circulation of its polishes - a lineup that includes It shades from Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, MAC, Deborah Lippmann, Nars and Butter London - to what you'd encounter in a nail salon, where the same bottle of lacquer is used over and over again on multiple customers. Germs can't survive in the cocktail of chemicals that comprises nail polish, they say, and we're inclined to agree. But just in case, Lacquerous gives both bottles and brushes a full wipedown before sending them back out. And they promise, "We will never send a bottle that isn't Instagram worthy!" #PHEW
Seeing as you can already rent a dress or a designer bag online, it makes sense that now you can borrow nail polish - which, let's face it, is as much of a status accessory at this point ("What, this shade? Oh, it's Tom Ford"). Our only worry? If we're as slack at returning beauty products as we are our DVDs (hello, unwatched movie we've held hostage for four months), we might be better off popping into the salon - or covertly DIYing a mani with Sephora testers. Not that we've, uh, done that.