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You're Invited: Beauty Blitz Night at Lord & Taylor

By Beauty Blitz / May 8, 2013


Got any plans on May 16th? 

If so, here's a reason to cancel. 

Lord & Taylor enlisted our founder Polly Blitzer to host a special night for our VIP readers. (And that, dear friends, would be. . .you!)

You've been loyal readers since BeautyBitz.com first launched in 2008, and it's about time we celebrate. Yes, we're taking our relationship to the next level with a crazy fun night that includes piles and piles of free prestige beauty products, flowing champagne, personal makeovers (you deserve it) and live entertainment from Polly. She'll be revealing the most exclusive celebrity beauty secrets (and some of their unfortunate beauty fails) collected during years of interviewing celebrities. Plus, you'll get tips on how to avoid malfunctions and master beauty's most challenging tasks. 

RSVP by emailing BEAUTYRSVP@LORDANDTAYLOR.COM with "POLLY" in the subject line.


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